Thursday, 19 December 2013

All cabled up

They're done and I am really pleased with them.  It was obvious from the word go that these would not result in plain stocking stitch.  I can never resist a bit of pattern.

I found the cable pattern somewhere online, the name has something with 'segments' in it. A ribbed cable that you keep twisting outwards.

I can even show off my new sock blockers: blue acryclic shapes to put socks on - for taking photographs and also for drying on.

I like the smoothness of the Sweet Tomato heel by Cat Bordhi that I used here: three gently sloping wedges.

The only thing I am rather worried about is whether these socks will fit over my Dad's heel when he tries to slip them on.  They should fit just fine once they're on - but I'm not totally sure that he can get to that point.

You can stretch them quite a bit but the lowest cable twist round is still pretty tight.

It's a learning experience, next time I'll pay attention to that.